my lifestory.

7 March
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I'm Azita, I’m 22 and far from perfect. I attend Mercy College majoring in psychology hoping to help people someday even though some days I’m the ones that needs help. I’m Persian & Assyrian, and damn proud. When I like someone I tend to fall fast & hard. I’m single so get at me boys ;] My heart has been broken many times. I’ve been hurt, used, and disappointed but still have some hope that I’ll find true love one day. I have a problem trusting people, because it seems like everytime I let someone inside, everything gets messed up, and somehow it's my fault. I live my life through song lyrics and quotes. I am complicated and simple. I’m insecure but I’m working on it. I’m emotional and make more mistakes than I can count, but I’m only human and I learn from each of them. I learned that the people, who say they won't let you down, probably will, so you should never take anyone too seriously. I don’t regret anything because “everything happens for a reason.” My friends and family mean the world to me. I bet you don’t know how ticklish I am or how I can’t make decisions. You’ll never see me cry cause there’s somebody waiting for me out in the rain. I’m a pretty happy person, and try to be content with what I have rather than what I don’t have, you’ll always see me with a smile on my face even if I’m dying inside. Make me laugh and I’ll love you forever. Once you think you figured me out, I promise you, I’ll surprise you ;]
Live, Love, & Laugh. ♥